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Winterfylleth - Rising of the Winter Full Moon 10th Anniversary Vinyl Available Now! Posted 16 Nov 2017

In 2007, with the intention of honouring England’s rich culture and heritage, Winterfylleth set a solidified mission statement to bring awareness to England’s historical stories, folklore, landscapes and ancestral past with the release of their 'Rising of the Winter Full Moon' demo.

Featuring three tracks which would later be re-recorded for their debut album through Profound Lore Records, Winterfyllethdelve into tales of England’s archaic history, re-counting major events, battles, the spiritual outlook of the people and the way they lived and even draw inspiration from certain sites and scenery that grace the countryside of England and have played an integral part in England’s history.

In honour of their 10th anniversary as a band, Ulthar Records is releasing the demo on vinyl for the very first time, as a Single-sided record, with the original Winterfylleth logo etched on the reverse side.

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Exxxekutioner - Crucible of Evil - Demos MMXIII Now Shipping Posted 27 May 2017

In 2013, Exxxekutioner uploaded their first recordings onto Youtube. Despite being recorded in a practice room with an old tape deck under a leather jacket, and the sound only came out of one speaker, the demo quickly caught our attention.

In anticipation of their debut album coming later this year, Exxxekutioner have unearthed the original tape recordings, which have been remastered for an extremely limited cassette release.

The tapes have finally arrived from the factory, and are available to order now!

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New Distro Items Posted 20 Mar 2017

New items from Iron Bonehead Productions available in the store.

  • Bölzer - Hero
  • Abyssal - Antikatastaseis
  • Khthoniik Cerviiks - SeroLogiikal Scars (Vertex of Dementiia)
  • Deathcult - Demo MMXII
  • Temple Nightside - The Hecatomb
  • Baphomet's Blood - In Satan We Trust
  • Possession - Anneliese
  • Various Artists - Desert Dances & Serpent Sermons
  • Do Skonu - The Grand Awakening Among the Great Sleep
  • Do Skonu - Cold Streams of Death
  • Deathcult - Beasts of Faith

Exxxekutioner - Beyond the Grave (Demo) Posted 24 Feb 2017

The Unholy Tape Machine of Exxxekutioner makes its eagerly anticipated return!

The Salford quartet have been quietly working away on their debut album to be released later this year, and as they know you've all been waiting for some new material, they've decided to release the demo of Beyond the Grave to their loyal hordes.

Expect more Exxxekutioner news in the coming months...

Nine Covens - Thy Unknowing Servants 7" - Coming 17/02/2017 Posted 10 Feb 2017

Four years since the release of their seminal album '...On The Dawning of Light', the elusive Nine Covens finally return with a new 7" vinyl release, exclusive to Ulthar Records.

"Thy Unknowing Servants" finds the band at their virulent and aggressive best, and paves the way for the band to move into its next album era.

Featuring UK extreme metal stalwarts:-

C. Naughton (Winterfylleth, Atavist)

P. Ryan (ex-Cradle of Filth, The King is Blind)

S. Glover (ex-ENT)

B. Monger (The King is Blind, ex-ENT)

With guest appearances from D. Mullins (MDB, Blasphemer)

The vinyl features an exclusive cover image by acclaimed artist Richey Beckett and design work by Dan Capp.

A new era begins....

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Shipping Delays Posted 11 Sep 2016

Ulthar Records will be away until 30/9/16. Any orders made during this time will ship on our return!