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Exxxekutioner are four lunatics from Salford who truly embody that immortal trinity of Heavy Metal: hard booze, hard drugs, and er, Greggs pasties. Oh, and the singers name is Cliff Edge. Really.

Formed in early 2013, these lads joined forces to celebrate their mutual love of Thrash, Black, Punk and Speed Metal. Exxxekutioner are the ultimate mix of Sodom, Celtic Frost, Sepultura and Destruction, played, through the foul filter of Vomitor.

Exxxekutioner have become well known for their wild live shows, and have supported bands such as Black Magician, Bonded by Blood, Ninkharsag, Coltsblood and Avenger, often resulting in mosh pits and stage dives in venues the size of a postage stamp.

They broke into the scene with their raw as fuck demo, 'Black Witchery', recorded using a tape deck with a leather jacket lashed over the top. It was uploaded straight to Youtube, and even though you're only able to hear it in one ear, people seemed to like it, some even bootlegging their own tapes.

After playing an early gig for Ulthar Records, they were quickly snapped up for their debut EP, 'Fear the Priest'. Recorded live, they managed to bang the whole thing out in a single take! Harking back to the Thrash demos of old, these 6 tracks are a full 20 minutes of wall-to-wall riffs.

"let the wall of sound and aggression possess you, and get your Exorcist head bang on!" - CVLT NATION

"If you like your thrash evil, raw and covered in bulletbelts and dirty cut off denim jackets then Exxxekutioner will not disappoint!" - TERRORIZER

"A direct channel to the early spirit of bands like Venom, Sodom, and Destruction, delivering a brash and authentic blast of thrash, black, and speed metal like they’ve been doing it for decades." - NO CLEAN SINGING

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