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Inspired by black magick, dark history, nature and warfare, Ninkharsag delve deep into forgotten lore to imbue a feeling of ancient archaism to their compositions.
Musically, they have been compared to paragons of the genre such as Emperor, Mayhem, and Dissection; but Ninkharsag has their own unmistakable style which sets them apart from other contemporary bands and drags the classic 90’s black metal sound into the 21st century.

Having played with the likes of Bal-Sagoth, Dark Fortress, Wodensthrone, Cauldron and Ancient Ascendant, Ninkharsag are already known for their incendiary live shows, and their first single, The Essential Salts of Human Dust displays the power that shall be summoned forth by their soon to be released debut album.


Ninkharsag - The Essential Salts of Human Dust
03/08/2013 · Ulthar Records · CATS001

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