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Ulthar Records


Ninkharsag - The Essential Salts of Human Dust03/08/2013 · Ulthar Records · CATS001

Inspired by black magick, dark history, nature and warfare, Ninkharsag delve deep into forgotten lore to imbue a feeling of ancient archaism to their compositions.

Having played with the likes of Bal-Sagoth, Dark Fortress, Wodensthrone, Cauldron and Ancient Ascendant, Ninkharsag are already known for their incendiary live shows, and this first single displays the power that shall be summoned forth by their soon to be released debut album.

Coltsblood - Beyond the Lake of Madness03/08/2013 · Ulthar Records · CATS002

First self-released on cassette by the band, the critically acclaimed demo has been fully remastered will now be unleashed on 12 inches of black wax.

In 2013 Coltsblood have shared the stage with titans such as Indesinence, Ommadon, Conan and Space Witch, and will soon embark on a headlining UK tour, sharing the top slot with fellow local Doom Lords Crypt Lurker.

Coltsblood have been inspired by Doom legends such as Grief, Winter, Acid King, and Evoken, but make no mistake, Coltsblood entirely is its own untameable wild animal.

Crypt Lurker - Baneful Magic, Death Worship & Necromancy Rites Archaic31/08/2013 · Ulthar Records · CATS003

Crypt Lurker willed themselves into existence during the early months of 2012, and have already established themselves as a formidable live act, playing shows alongside the likes of Iron Witch, Black Magician, Haar and Grimpen Mire and Dragged into Sunlight.

Crypt Lurker unfetter their particular nihilistic brand of doom metal with influences from the hallowed halls of Black and Death. The band’s sound is best defined as a crawling, monstrous terror, narrated by spectral howls weaving tales of sorcery, death and the abyss from the dusty pages of archaic tomes.

Black Magician - Nature is the Devil's Church31/03/2014 · Ulthar Records · CATS004

Monolithic cosmic-nod-inducing riffs, tortured town crier vocal sermons, swirling mellotron and dark acoustic cleanly-sung passages are the ingredients in this alchemical brew, the resulting concoction a grim incantation, an ode to anti-urbanism, a very English darkness. Presented on sacrificial blood red pro-tape, this limited edition of 100 copies comes in a gold embossed box, along with some other objects of great arcane power.

Exxxekutioner - Fear the Priest 21/07/2014 · Ulthar Records · CATS005

Harking back to the Thrash demos of old, Salford’s four-man wrecking crew Exxxekutioner embody everything great about Thrash, Black, Punk and Speed Metal.

Their debut EP ‘Fear The Priest’ was recorded live in one take at Redbridge Rehearsal Studios on 5 April 2014 and mastered by Kal Kylen of Ninkharsag and Black Magician fame, with Witching Art handling the cover art.

Ninkharsag - The Blood of Celestial Kings27/04/2015 · Ulthar Records · CATS006

With their long-awaited debut album 'The Blood of Celestial Kings', Ninkharsag have overthrown the previous Masters and claimed the throne of UK Black Metal for their own.

Tales of nuclear destruction, ancient assassins fighting shadow wars, and the coming superlunary gods are unfettered in this 30 minute furious storm of true Black Metal supremacy.

Musically, they have been compared to paragons of the genre such as Emperor, Mayhem, and Dissection; but Ninkharsag has their own unmistakable style which sets them apart from other contemporary bands and drags the classic 90’s black metal sound into the 21st century.

Deheubarth - Darkwinter Possession20/03/2015 · Ulthar Records · CATS007

Deheubarth is the fear of ancient Cambria, and the manifestation of the spirit of the Brythons. Raw, atmospheric despair in reverence of the old ways of Black Metal, while also drawing power from early 90's English doom.

Speirling - The Piper01/04/2016 · Ulthar Records · CATS008

Originally released in 2008, 'The Piper' was poorly distributed yet well-received among the darkest corners of the Black Metal listenership. This 7-track folk tale of a piper neglected and raised by a community of seemingly 'civilised' people, corrupted and weakened by their cultural Christianity. The Piper rejects them as they rejected him, but not before taking their children out of the 'light' and into the darkness.

Consisting of vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dan Capp (Winterfylleth) and drummer Mark Capp, Speirling are now defunct but their memory lives on in the form of 'The Piper' – remastered with new artwork to pay homage to an overlooked gem.

Deitus - Acta Non Verba22/04/2016 · Ulthar Records · CATS009

The debut album from Deitus, Acta Non Verba is the knife in the back of man and represents a path of utter devotion. It is a monument to the murder of the ego; an odious hymn to liberation.
Rejection. Depravity. Sacred Art.

Nine Covens - Thy Unknowing Servants17/02/2017 · Ulthar Records · CATS010

Four years since the release of their seminal album '...On The Dawning of Light', the elusive Nine Covens finally return with a new 7" vinyl release, exclusive to Ulthar Records.

"Thy Unknowing Servants" finds the band at their virulent and aggressive best, and paves the way for the band to move into its next album era.

Featuring UK extreme metal stalwarts:-

C. Naughton (Winterfylleth, Atavist)
P. Ryan (ex-Cradle of Filth, The King is Blind)
S. Glover (ex-ENT)
B. Monger (The King is Blind, ex-ENT)

With guest appearances from D. Mullins (MDB, Blasphemer)

The vinyl features an exclusive cover image by acclaimed artist Richey Beckett and design work by Dan Capp.

A new era begins....

Winterfylleth - Rising of the Winter Full Moon17/11/2017 · CATS012

In 2007, with the intention of honouring England’s rich culture and heritage, Winterfylleth set a solidified mission statement to bring awareness to England’s historical stories, folklore, landscapes and ancestral past with the release of their 'Rising of the Winter Full Moon' demo.

Featuring three tracks which would later be re-recorded for their debut album through Profound Lore Records, Winterfylleth delve into tales of England’s archaic history, re-counting major events, battles, the spiritual outlook of the people and the way they lived and even draw inspiration from certain sites and scenery that grace the countryside of England and have played an integral part in England’s history.

In honour of their 10th anniversary as a band, Ulthar Records is releasing the demo on vinyl for the first time.

Exxxekutioner - Death Sentence2018-10-19 · Ulthar Records · CATS013

Hailing from (and to) England, Exxxekutioner formed in 2013 and promptly set to work on their first official recording. Arriving a year later via Ulthar Records, the Fear the Priest EP firmly and fiercely set out Exxxekutioner's stall: hard-charging blackened thrash METAL with more than a bit of punk rocked bite. Ripped-raw and bloody, that EP was followed by the Crucible of Evil demos collection in 2017 - also via Ulthar - which actually contained the band's very first, very rawest recordings. Meanwhile, Exxxekutioner took to the stage, and often, across the UK.

Alas, the time has come for Exxxekutioner's debut album, and it explodes into being under the title Death Sentence. Literally showering the listener in fireworks of a most manic and malevolent nature, Death Sentence commands obeisance and invokes possession upon pressing "play." Here, the Exxxekutioner sound has been sharpened to a deadly degree, displaying a diabolical finesse that's immediately engaging and utterly memorable, long after the album's ceased playing. Although the old rawness has been scrubbed into gleaming chrome, revealing an acutely pitch-black style of speed metal, the four dire bastards of Exxxekutioner stand proud and perverse, ready to desecrate cemeteries and sacrifice virgins upon the almighty altar of HEAVY METAL. Indeed, that is the only primary change within Death Sentence: a very real - and very serious - style of heavy metal has emerged, and with stellar songwriting to boot. It is also the very first place one should start with Exxxekutioner.

With mastering by Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind, the album's eight songs race by in an exceptionally compact 24 minutes - naturally, commanding repeat plays the second the record's over. So, stand before Exxxekutioner and receive your Death Sentence!