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Exxxekutioner - Death Sentence Album Out October 19th! 03 Sep 2018

Today, Ulthar Records sets October 19th as the international release date for Exxxekutioner's highly anticipated debut album, Death Sentence, on vinyl LP format.

Hailing from (and to) England, Exxxekutioner formed in 2013 and promptly set to work on their first official recording. Arriving a year later via Ulthar Records, the Fear the Priest EP firmly and fiercely set out Exxxekutioner's stall: hard-charging blackened thrash METAL with more than a bit of punk rocked bite. Ripped-raw and bloody, that EP was followed by the Crucible of Evil demos collection in 2017 - also via Ulthar - which actually contained the band's very first, very rawest recordings. Meanwhile, Exxxekutioner took to the stage, and often, across the UK.

Alas, the time has come for Exxxekutioner's debut album, and it explodes into being under the title Death Sentence. Literally showering the listener in fireworks of a most manic and malevolent nature, Death Sentence commands obeisance and invokes possession upon pressing "play." Here, the Exxxekutioner sound has been sharpened to a deadly degree, displaying a diabolical finesse that's immediately engaging and utterly memorable, long after the album's ceased playing. Although the old rawness has been scrubbed into gleaming chrome, revealing an acutely pitch-black style of speed metal, the four dire bastards of Exxxekutioner stand proud and perverse, ready to desecrate cemeteries and sacrifice virgins upon the almighty altar of HEAVY METAL. Indeed, that is the only primary change within Death Sentence: a very real - and very serious - style of heavy metal has emerged, and with stellar songwriting to boot. It is also the very first place one should start with Exxxekutioner.

With mastering by Toxic Holocaust mainman Joel Grind, the album's eight songs race by in an exceptionally compact 24 minutes - naturally, commanding repeat plays the second the record's over. So, stand before Exxxekutioner and receive your Death Sentence!

The first track to be revealed from the album is Death Worship - Listen now!

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