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Ulthar Records

Coltsblood - Beyond the Lake of Madness CATS002

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First self-released on cassette by the band, the critically acclaimed demo has been fully remastered will now be unleashed on 12 inches of black wax.

In 2013 Coltsblood have shared the stage with titans such as Indesinence, Ommadon, Conan and Space Witch, and will soon embark on a headlining UK tour, sharing the top slot with fellow local Doom Lords Crypt Lurker.

Coltsblood have been inspired by Doom legends such as Grief, Winter, Acid King, and Evoken, but make no mistake, Coltsblood entirely is its own untameable wild animal.

Pressing Information

Limited to 300 copies on black wax with an insert. Digital download on every format a mere mortal could wish for included.

Comes with a free sticker and badge!

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