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Exxxekutioner - Fear the Priest EP CATS005

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Harking back to the Thrash demos of old, Salford’s four-man wrecking crew Exxekutioner embody everything great about Thrash, Black, Punk and Speed Metal.

The quartet broke into the scene in early 2013 with their raw 'Black Witchery’ demo, recorded using just a tape deck with a leather jacket lashed over the top. It was uploaded straight to Youtube, and even though you're only able to hear it in one ear, people seemed to like it, some going as far as bootlegging their own tapes!

Cutting their teeth in the live arena alongside the likes of Bonded By Blood, Coltsblood and Wytch Hazel, the four piece have conjured up a reputation for wild live shows, even in venues the size of a postage stamp.

Their debut EP ‘Fear The Priest’ was recorded live in one take at Redbridge Rehearsal Studios on 5 April 2014 and mastered by Kal Kylen of Ninkharsag and Black Magician fame, with Witching Art handling the cover art.

Track Listing

  1. March to Death
  2. B.I.B.
  3. Divine Siren
  4. Fear the Priest
  5. Maniac Asylum
  6. Black Witchery

Pressing Information

Cassette - Limited to 100 copies. Pro-Tape, clear shell, professionally printed J card.

CD - Limited to 500 copies. Glass Mastered CD in digipak.

Includes a lossless or MP3 digital download.

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